I'm Carmen, a one GAL band who runs this groovy lil brand. I do the whole shebang; from designing and making to postage and packaging. All the magic happens right here in my colourful London hub.


Over the years, I've racked up quite the collection of genuine vintage fabrics, ranging from the swinging sixties to the psychedelic seventies. I've recently started pulling these special pieces out of the treasure chest and making up some ~forever garments~ from them, and just like that Carmen Christine is born.

Not only is each piece unique AF, they're planet-friendly too. I'm giving already existing fabrics a second chance, which means I'm not involved in creating any new material. All my haberdashery is organic and locally sourced too.

We're not like the other brands! At CC you get to pick 'n' mix different options to create your own garment, kind of like a Build-A-Bear, but for FASHUN HUNNY.